We all experience low points in life which may include:

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My Continuing Professional Development

I am a Professional Member of The Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP) based in London. In order to meet the requirements of continuing professional development, I attend several seminars and lectures throughout the year.

I am a Trustee of the Severn and Thames Psychotherapy Network (STPN). All our members are experienced accredited psychotherapists and counsellors who live in the area. We aim to expand provision of dynamic therapeutic services to the wider community and to bring contemporary theory and research to local practitioners.

I am a Training Therapist for counsellors in training. Counsellors in psychodynamic and eclectic trainings through Colleges and Universities are required to be in therapy during this training period.

I offer supervision to counsellors. All counsellors are required to have regular supervision to maintain the integrity of their work. I offer both individual and group supervision to individuals and organisations.

I facilitate group work. This is often a requirement and incorporated within counselling trainings. I offer other kinds of group work within the Severn and Thames Psychotherapy Network.

Periodically I teach and tutor counsellors. Sometimes trainees struggle writing their final papers or need additional guidance on the theoretical components of their writing. This is a service that I can offer.

I am up to date with all my CPD requirements for accreditation and registration.